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Ask Me About Paul - Black Crop Tanks

Ask Me About Paul - Black Crop Tanks

"The story behind these shirts comes from my experience as a bereaved mom over the past 7 months. There is nothing more devastating in life than losing a child. As I have connected with other moms who are also living with the grief of child loss, there has been one common thing that comes up all the time: we all want to talk about our child who has passed. But, it often feels like society doesn't want to bring up talking about a child who has passed away. For me, that hurts more. All we want to do is talk about our children. They are still our children, even if they aren't on this Earth anymore. So these shirts are my vision for helping to break that idea. Let's talk about our children. Let's share their stories. I promise you that many bereaved mamas out there feel the same way. So, ask me about Paul!!" - Steph, PMF Co-Founder

Limited Stock! These shirts are black crop tank tops with white lettering. They say Ask Me About Paul on the front, and have the PMF website url on the back.

Special shout out to Paige and Thirteen Fit Apparel for making Steph's dream for these shirts come to life. 

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